Well, I didn’t think I was going to do any decorating for Christmas seeing how I’m going to be in Jeju for Christmas and then I leave on the 30th. However, I just couldn’t do without a Christmas tree.

I had seen mini trees on sale at Home Plus the other day and decided to head back and get one. Unfortunately they only had pink left. LOL. So yes, I have my very own pink 3 foot Christmas tree!

In my search for a tree and decorations I can say with certainly that Home Plus had the best selection of trees from any place I went and Daiso has the best deals on ornaments. So, if you’re in the market you may want to check those places out.

Well, I pulled the tree out of the box and immediately knew I had to fix up this Charlie brown style Christmas tree. It just looked so bare and hopeless. Lol.

Here is a picture of the tree with just the lights and a few bulbs on it. (I was color scheming at the time. lol)

Well, I can happily say that my Christmas tree is a Charlie Brown Christmas tree no more! After about an hour to two hours of work, this is the final result!

Yup. I like it, even though it doesn’t feel like a real Christmas tree. Lol. Probably because of the color. The best part is the blinking light strand! It has like 5 different blinking sequences! Pretty cool! It blinks fast, blinks slows, alternates light bulbs, fades in, fades out, Etc. All put into different patterns!

Want to know how much it costs to get a mini christmas tree to look like this?

Tree: 5,000won 
Lights: 15,000won
Bulbs:   7,000won
Star:     1,000won
Tinsel:   2,000won
Total: 30,000won

Not too bad, if you ask me!
So yup. Getting ready for Christmas here! Just ordered tickets for Swan Lake and Nutcracker on Wednesday! Can’t wait!!!


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  1. I haven't put up a tree, but yours looks beautiful. I can't wait for Nutcracker!