Wow! Where has November gone???

This past weekend Gabi and I celebrated Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is not a holiday here, as they have Chuseok. So we didn’t have the time off like all you in America. Lol. So I watched the parade live stream on Thursday (my Thursday night). This was such a lifesaver. I really love the parade and getting to see it was great!

Then on Saturday Gabi and I headed to Home Plus, picked up some supplies and headed back to my apartment. Then I cooked us up a meal with trimmings and all!

Fried Chicken

 Mash Potatoes



Warm Rolls and Butter



And for dessert , Soufflé cheese cake!

We hung out, ate, watched movies and just chilled!


Overall it was a great day!!!


Our latest fieldtrip at ECC was to Kid’s café! We have actually gone before and the kids loved it. However, the one we went to before was about half the size of the one we went to today! It was crazy amazing!

Kid’s café is a mom’s ultimate paradise. One half of the café is a really chic café with chairs, private rooms, a salad bar, etc. you can order coffee and food and just chill out. The other half of the café is a gigantic playroom for kids!

Now, you’re probably wondering, would a mom really let her kids run off and play by themselves? Well, of course! Why, wouldn’t they considering that the whole playroom is wired with CCTV cameras and any wherever you sit in the café area you can see a live feed of all the cameras on TVs. Pretty awesome right?

Now, the concept of these cafes is kind of like Chucky Cheese on crack. This particular café was especially awesome because it had both a train .....

 .....and paddle boats!


There was also:

A Merry-Go-Round!

Air Hockey


Costume Room

Silly Mirrors

Video Games

A sandbox

Ball Pit


Music Room


And even a puppet show!

Overall the kids had a blast and it was a really fun morning^^



Yesterday Gabi and I headed over to the cheonggyecheon for the latern festival! Every year they create this huge pieces of artwork out of lantern material, put them in the middle of the river and light them up! The crowd to walk along the river was HUGE we literally had to wait like 20 minutes before we could even get down the steps to the river.
Now unfortunately my camera died half way through the displays… sad T.T but I still got some cool pics! Take a look!

After the river we headed over to Tomatillo for some Mexican food and Bandi and Luni’s for some book shopping! Yay!