Well, the time with my grandma was shorter than expected. Unfortunately, she became ill from a severe sinus infection and an acute case of homesickness, and had to go home.

However, before she went home we did manage to get in some fun things. We did lots of things, such as go to a Korean church service, drink tea and explore Insadong, we visited several palaces and toured Biwon garden, Dongdaemun market, Dr. Fish, the cheonggyecheon stream and I tried to expose her to as many kind of Korean food as possible.

Here are some pictures from our adventures. Don’t worry, I’ll blog about them more, however I want to do location specific blogs or else this blog would be thirty pages long.

Well, my grandma is back home safe and sound so now I can put up pictures! YAY! LOL. It will have to wait until after this weekend however, because my mom is here right now! Double YAYAY!!! 

So anyways, expect a lot of posts and pictures coming your way really soon!!
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Well, sorry for not being on the blog much, but it's been super duper busy!!! My Duma (that's halmeoni for all you who don't speak 2 yr old kelsey. lol) is in Korea!!!! in fact, she's been here for a week and a half now!!!

(I had to promise her, however, not to post pics until she's back in america, so you'll have to wait. lol)

So saturday the 4th, was quite an interesting morning. Went to the doctor, went to the dentist and had a cavity filled. Then Gabi, Karrin and I went to lunch at Dos Tacos in Gangnam and then we went to have our feet nibbled on by little fish and drink royal milk tea at a Dr. Fish Cafe! One of my favorite ways to spend a saturday morning!!!

Then it was off to the airport to pick up my Duma! Her plane arrived at 3:30 and I got to the exit gate at 3:35 :-)

Finally, after waiting and waiting, she came through the double doors!! It was such a wonderful feeling to get to see family face to face for thr first time in 8 months!!!

After a little bit of a reunion, I got our tickets for the airport bus and we were off!

After getting back to Nowon, we grabbed a taxi and headed to my apartment. I took her out for ShabuShabu and then she headed to bed for a long needed rest.

Since then we'e been doing both domestic things, such as grocery shopping, walking in the local parks, eating all the best korean foods, etc

 and also touristy things such as tea houses and art galleries in insadong, palaces, hyehwa and even church.

Last sunday duma wanted to to church so I searched and searched for presbyterian churches with english services. I finally found one in Myeongdong. It was really nice and the service was excellent. everyone was extremely friendly as well.

It's hard to say what will come next! I can say, however, that my mom is coming for the holiday week!! YAY!

So i'll have two people here in seoul!!!! YAY!

Don't know when i'll post next, but be prepared for a TON after everyone is back home in the US, safe and sound. I'll need something to keep my busy after all the excitement of september :-)



P.S. These are the kinds of pictures that get taken of you when you have family staying in your apartment LOL. yeah....  my cat likes to snuggle, whether i'm awake or not. lol

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