I know I already did the music of the month this month, however, this simply couldn't wait until January to be featured. I mean really, it's TOP and G Dragon!

I just found out about this song last night so I immediately pulled up the music video.

Now, TOP is my all time favorite Kboy. there is NO denying it. I just love him, always have and always will. and G Dragon, on the other hand, is the guy I love to hate. he's just so darn weird and yet totally smexy at the same time. I think it was the blonde hair that did it for me and it went from there.

Anyways, so I pulled up the music video to take a look. After the 3min and 9 second video I sat dumbfounded.

Never before have a loathed a music video quite so much. Don't get me wrong, I really really like the song! which is what makes this oh so weird. the song is great. It's provocative and fast past, just how I like it. The Music video on the other hand, makes me want to run and throw myself off the nearest balcony. Ugh. It's that bad.

I mean let's get real, it's G Dragon and TOP in a club with a bunch of ushered in FOREIGNERS who do nothing but stare at the camera and grope G Dragon and TOP. I would bet that half those girls probably didn't even know who they were.

My real problem though, is that I wasn't in the video! Darn It!! I mean, how did I miss the call for scanky blondes who want to rub  up against TOP and G Dragon! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! There went my one chance to fufill my fantasy... LOL.

Anywho... take a look and see for youself. I recommend you listen to the song by itself BEFORE watching the music video so you're not jaded. lol.



P.S. Did you notice??? Huh Huh Huh????? TaeYang!!!!!!.... hehehehe. He's in the video in like 2 or 3 spots! If you don't believe me,. watch again ^^
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  1. Just came across your blog and had to drop you a line and tell you I think your work is absolutely gorgeous! So enjoyed learning about this creativity.